Mountain Development – the USFS EA is still moving along, as per the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the USFS is required to respond to comment letters written by those who want this to be the best development possible.  One of the comments received questioned the ability of the BVWD to handle the effluent generated by the additional visitors.  Thusly, the Mtn EA is facing the same scrutiny the EIR did on the waste water system capacity.  We are working closely with the BVWD to provide a letter to the USFS administrative record that supports the EA and should have that within the next few weeks.  Once that letter is on record the Final Decision Notice can be issued by the USFS and the MTN can begin to prioritize and schedule its improvements.

“What’s up with Dundee” -   Just a reminder that Bear Valley Mtn, Lodge and Village Development are owned by a 3 way partnership – Dundee Bear LLC is a 33.33% partner with Radar Bear Valley Partners LLC owning 33.33% and Bear Valley Village Partners LLC with 33.33%. (all their legally registered names)

Dundee Bear is alive and well and as the managing partner we continue to work with Alpine County on the final stages for the approval of the EIR.  The combined ownership group continues to pour in tens of thousands of dollars to keep the process moving.  Not to mention the countless hours of time and energy spent in keeping the County, BVWD and EIR contractor coordinated and aligned.  All indicators lead us to believe, if no other issues arise we could have an approved final EIR with entitlements late this spring or early this summer.

Kudos to those supporters who came out in force to make it known how important this is for the future and success of all Bear Valley.  Your phone calls, letters, meeting attendance and behind the scenes lobbyist let it be known that were 100’s of people who believe in the quality of the project!! – cheers, jim

Next round – some thoughts on Vailwood

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