We had a great weekend, cheers to all who joined us for some fabulous skiing and riding. The weekend grooming plan came together better than we had hoped.  Now here we are on Monday and we are back to operating our country club of a ski area for a select and privileged few.  As I have stated, skiing is as much social as it is adventurous – thanks for coming today – Greg/Nancy, Jon/Suzanne & John/Tessa

Unfortunately, once again the Saloon can’t handle the lack of activity and Melissa got tired of waiting for someone to talk too, so as the sign says – “Beer and Wine are available in the Ebbetts Grill”.  See ya’ll back at the Saloon on Friday!

Game on, and Mikey, this shots for you!  As a reminder, despite what you see here, you cannot import your alcohol into my building – Bad people Bad.  Remember to ski and drive responsibly.  – Jim

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