Saturday, October 26th! 10AM – 3PM. Big Trees Shopping Center!

You’ll love the employee perks!

  • FREE season pass
  • Full and part time, flexible shifts available
  • FREE local employee transportation (from/to Arnold)
  • 25% – 50% off other resort services
  • Full-time employee dependent benefits and discounts

We’re looking for happy people with excellent customer service skills who have a passion for snow sports/winter mountain environment to work during the 13/14 season.

ALL NEW APPLICANTS: Please fill out an online application in order to receive a scheduled interview appointment time for our Job Fair on Saturday, October 26th. These appointment times will start being scheduled during the month of October and you will receive by email. DEADLINE TO RECEIVE APPOINTMENTS IS OCTOBER 24TH. Walk-ins are welcomed, but will be on a first come, first serve basis as we will attempt to filter applicants in-between scheduled appointments. An online application and an appointment is strongly suggested to cut out any wait time.

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING EMPLOYEE BUT DID NOT WORK THE 12/13 SEASON, you are a new applicant. Please see above to apply.

IF YOU WORKED THE 12/13 SEASON and you would like to return but in a DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT, please apply online to receive an interview appointment at the Job Fair. A scheduled appointment will be sent via email.

Applicants must apply online by clicking here to be invited for an interview at the job fair.