Unfortunately not good news. We received an update from operations and we have learned from Poma that the part has been ordered but needs to be manufactured.  The last few days Poma has tried to resource in the U.S.  but the steel is so specialized they are recommending we stay with the european manufacturer.  Last Saturday the Poma office in Colorado were led to believe that the part was in stock and was in the process of being shipped from Europe.  It turns out that it was a part with the wrong specs and the part we need is not in stock and has to be custom made.   The manufacturer is doing everything they can to expedite, however the best leadtime at this point is April 17th.  Coupled with shipping and installation; polar will not resume for the rest of the season.   Good news, is that we do have a back-up and Pooh will be in service.  On the brightside, we are certainly glad that the problem was found prior to opening the lift to the public,  no one was injured or requiring evacuation, and if it had to happen, thank goodness its mid-april instead of mid-feb.  While its not the best news, we are happy  we can  provide access to the backside with Pooh chair.    Hope you will join us this weekend for Reggae & Pond Skimming.  It is SPRING in the mountains,  come enjoy the last 2 weeks of the season!