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Truer words could not be spoken!!  We never know what Mother Nature will bring, but we react and plan to what is presented.  From the last storm we received about 7 inches of natural snow.  Snowmaking operations are active and continue to crank up the equipment as temps, moisture and wind allow.  Big praise for that rugged crew!! Winds are gusting over 60 Mph, but they are out there positioning guns and making as much snow as possible.  The forecast shows a system coming in on Tuesday night, but it is too early to know what we will get.  What we do know is that we will be adding a “TUBING HILL” to Nov 30th activities and considering a course location change for the FUN RUN.  Our goal is to raise some funds for the local schools and create an environment for family and friends to come up to the mountains and have a great time.  Check back for updates….