UPDATE 5/12/14

Well, not yet.   While there is a lot of activity in Bear Valley in recent weeks, no one party has an “accepted” offer to actually purchase the resort.  We have been working with a number of interested parties and we understand that several are finalizing offers.  In the meantime, we continue to “show” the property to new investors.  One of the potential purchasers is the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative, a local group formed to purchase the Bear Valley assets with money raised from the greater community.  The group has negotiated a non-exclusive letter of intent with the current owners and has begun selling membership shares to raise the required funds. While you should not interpret this message as our endorsement  of its structure, plans or anything else, we are impressed both with the sincerity and passion of these local homeowners who are spearheading the effort.   If you have an interest in Bear Valley’s future.  Click on the links for more on   BVMCOOP.

There are other parties interested, but only the  BVMCOOP has actually begun moving forward with a signed agreement – sorry if we confused you on our previous post.  Click on the link and check it out!

We will keep you posted if anything solid develops.  In the meantime, start making plans for Bear Valley Summer.  Tickets on sale now for Music Festival, Summer camps open for registration, lodge is booking weddings, events and groups….C’mon up!!