We’ve had a busy couple of weeks as we progress through a possible sale process.  Last week, representatives from the BVMCOOP were at the ski area to kick-off their due diligence process and this week they took their message to several stops along the Hwy 4 Corridor.  There are more meetings planned this weekend, so click on the link to learn more about the BVMCOOP and the meeting schedule.  Great way to learn more, meet some board members and ask questions.

In other news this week, we issued a press release regarding a change in our current ownership structure. There were 3 partners and now  two.   Click here to read more.

As promised we plan to keep you up to date on the sales front.  …hopefully more news on the way soon.

In the meantime be sure to check out our Facebook page as we are happy to share that Mattly is back for the summer to provide some insight on summer recreation and weather in Bear Valley.  We have all kinds of interesting weather going on currently, and besides, Mattly’s posts are always fun  ;)  So tune in! Click on the link to see our Facebook page.