porridge groomed

2.12.14 Crews Delivered a nice groom on several frontside trails last night and back for more tonight…Enjoy!!


What a difference one big storm system can make on a winter!!  Amazingly our staff rallied and got the parking lot open and lifts turning after the weekend storms.  Several resorts did not get open, but our crews were digging us out and made it happen.  Following the storm, operations teams began the work to prepare and open more terrain.  More trails on the front bowl were removed from “soft boundary” status, or opened for the first time.  Guests are enjoying Porridge, Groovy, Monte, Lift line, Yellow Sub, National, Kyles, Nastar & Sugar.  At this time 100% of the front side is accessible.  But you’ll have to take tucks for now – Koala is expected to open by Saturday.

So what’s next?   Well the recent storm cycle did provide several inches of high-density snow that we needed for the backside, and crews have been in setting perimeters and preparing the POLAR EXPRESS.  Groomers are on the mountain tonight and plan is to be ready to load guests in the morning.   Also happy to report that Panda carpet opened today.   PLEASE, PLEASE read Mattly’s report in the morning for an update; forecast and conditions can change and that report is the most current daily information.  Park crew is also busy sculpting and working to get multiple parks ready, in addition they are designing the skier/boarder cross course for this weekend’s competition.

40 plus days of sunshine are behind us, but before we move on, would like to give one more THANK YOU to our snowmaking, grooming and operations teams for getting us open and keeping us open with a quality product, including a race course, under the most challenging circumstances.  AMAZING OPERATIONS CREW…we just can’t say enough about what they accomplished – it may seem like “just three lifts”, but it was so much more from behind the scenes….just ask Sochi  ;0

Oh yes – and after this we will get into the village side next.  At this time it is soft boundary status, so approach cautiously, ski/ride with a partner and ask a patroller if unsure.  There is no lift access on the village side – so catch a shuttle.   As for “Grizzly” – snow levels were just below lodge level.  Grizz bottom only saw 3-6 inches of snow, we’d like to see 3 feet, cold temps and low snow levels to take a look at Grizz again.   We look forward to updating you soon.  In the meantime come out for WINTER EXPLOSION this weekend– get in on the SKIER/BOARDER CROSS on Saturday,  try the NASTAR course, Crabfeed in the village on Sunday, or…. just enjoy the new snow!!

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