TeamEnds 4/30/2014
Ends 9/30/2014After 9/30/2014
Youth All-Mountain Ski/Board (6-17)$599$724$774
Adult All-Mountain Ski (Ages 18+)$299$424$474
Race Development (8-13)$599$724$774
Central Series Race (U8-14)$749$874$924
Far West Race (U16-U18)$1099
Freestyle (10-17)$599$724$774
Kodiak (4-5)$599$724$774
How to register:

  1. Download the Team Application PDF (4 pages) then:
    1. Either fill out PDF on your computer and submit back to Bear Valley by clicking the “Submit” button at the end of page two.
    2. Or print the Team Application and either mail or fax back to Bear Valley.
      1. (mailing address) Bear Valley Mountain, PO Box 5038, Bear Valley CA 95223, Atten: “Ski/Board Teams”
      2. (fax number) (209) 753-6421
  2. Payment can be made using either:
    1. Online registration (new).
    2. Send a check with copy of Team Application (see address above)
    3. Pay cash at the Bear Valley Main Office.